The new call for grants will open on 6 January 2015. Updated guidelines and information on how to apply will be published shortly.

Our grants programme contributes to sustainable development through effective, responsive and accountable governance with civil society participation.

The programme supports innovation and sharing of replicable and sustainable models, while promoting good practice in citizen participation.

By awarding grants in support of participatory governance across the Commonwealth, the Grants programme aims to:

  • Deliver an efficient and effective programme which is responsive to the development needs of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) across the Commonwealth.
  • Complement the effectiveness of the Foundation’s areas of focus by providing grants to CSOs beyond those supported through the projects.
  • Generate knowledge and understanding of participatory governance and its benefits in promoting effective, responsive and accountable governance within the Commonwealth by supporting models of good practice. 

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Grants will be awarded in support of participatory governance across the Commonwealth and, more specifically, they must contribute to achieving at least one of the following Commonwealth Foundation’s four outcome areas:

  1. Strengthened ability of CSOs to use creative expression for participatory governance
  2. Enhanced capacity of CSOs to engage in participatory governance
  3. Enhanced interaction between CSOs and institutions in governance
  4. Enhanced knowledge management for more effective participatory governance

Please see also the Foundation’s Logic Model for more information about specific focus areas within each outcome area. 

You may also wish to consult the Foundation’s strategic documents, in particular the “Commonwealth Foundation's Civil Society Engagement Strategy”.


At a glance

  • Up to £30,000 per year
  • Multi-year funding available (up to three years)
  • For civil society organisations
  • Funding for new projects delivered in Commonwealth Foundation member countries

The grants programme will be particularly supportive of proposals that mainstream the Foundation's cross-cutting outcome areas in their project design:

  • Gender equality
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Cultural respect and understanding

For more information on cross-cutting outcomes, please see the toolkit “Mainstreaming Cross-Cutting Outcomes: Gender Equality, Environmental Sustainability, Cultural Respect and Understanding

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